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    1.How to download and try the software?

    We offer two versions: a free version and an activation version. To try our method, please download the free version first.

    The activation version contains 3300 simplified Chinese characters , the characters are arranged like the free version. Users need to buy an activation key to run it. Because the main content of the software is animation, it is like film ,that people wacth prevue for free and pay before they see a whole movie.

    Meanwhile we use PAYPAL, if anyone buy our software and he finds it's totally useless and feels he has been cheated, he may lodge a complaint to PAYPAL, then we will cannot use PAYPAL anymore. In fact, if any one of our customers had lodged a complaint, our PAYPAL account would have been frozen yet.

    In both versions, each simplified Chinese character has an animation to illustrate it and an animation showing order of strokes. 3300 common simplified Chinese characters contained in the software can completely cater for the learning requirement.  

Download Links:


    1)  The Free version:  Download1   Download2   Download3     (Choose one of the download addresses to download. The file is about 7M, you may get and test it in 3 minutes. )


    2)  The activation version Download1    Download2


    The activation version has "search" feature ,so one can go to the character that he wants to learn directly and expediently.


    If you need to know how to input Chinese characters, please visite:    Introduction








1. How to download and try the software?
    2. How to purchase a key?
    3. How to activate the software?
    4. What are the features of the software?
    5. How to teach and study?
    6. How to download and try the software?